Introducing BHARATPunj, a growing platform that brings forth facts and knowledge to discover and illuminate Bharat to the World, in particular to the Children and Youth.  Our tag line is असतो मा सद्गमय (Lead Me from the Unreal to the Real). 

BHARATPunj aims to kindle the spirit of Bharat in our Youth – Inspire the Present and Future generations to be confident flag-bearers of a glorious heritage, righteous leaders of the future, to fulfil their potential for the betterment of the World! We bring together highly knowledgeable writers, speakers to showcase content on topics ranging from Vedic knowledge, our eternal Scriptures and Itihasas, the Shastras, the eminent personalities who have shaped our nation; showcasing the immense heritage of Bharat-varsh. 

Our Key Contributors are highly accomplished stalwarts who are high thinkers and spirited creators who are motivated to spread the knowledge and share the Light of Bharat. 

Anurag Johari

Anurag is an Engineer from NIT Calicut, and further has a Law degree. A professional with huge experience in IT consulting, he is a highly regarded Management consultant in the digital domain. As a practitioner of Blue Ocean strategy, his out of box thinking has led to some interesting business innovations. 

An avid writer with a keen interest in Indian history, culture and philosophy, he regularly writes for many portals on these subjects. He also has authored a book ‘All in Digital’ for Enterprise Digital Transformation. He is well connected to the Indian heartland and initiates & facilitates channels and events of BharatPunj for our Youth.

Shrinidhi Kumar

Shrinidhi is an Engineer from NIT Calicut, and a highly accomplished Senior Management leader in the IT industry, having extensive professional experience in the professional field focussing on the Financial Services and Insurance domain, and the Public Services sector. 

Shrinidhi is a certified Professional Agile Leader and a SixSigma BlackBelt (CSSBB). He is passionate about and a fluent exponent and practitioner of Indian Vedic heritage and traditions. He is a prolific writer, blogger on almost any subject in this realm and a key driver+contributor to BharatPunj.

Rabirashmi Ghosh 

Rabi is an Engineer from NIT Calicut and a published Author based out of Australia. In his extensive career spanning several roles including challenging technology consulting and software delivery assignments for reputed global clients. 

Rabi is a prolific writer and researcher in Vedic systems. He is the author of the best-seller ‘The Gods of Sumeru’, which is a science fantasy novel set in a mythological context. As a thinker and writer, he is a key contributor to the BharatPunj.

Pradeep Kumar Mishra 

Pradeep Mishra is an engineer from NIT Calicut with a management degree from Cornell University. He is an Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur, and IT professional, highly specialized in Information Services Tech. based in the USA. 

As a published author of a wide variety of bestselling books in several genres on an array of subjects, with the motive to help society and people. His books have been sold to many countries and continue to make a positive difference in the World. He is a brilliant thinker, researcher and creative writer, and contributes to the BharatPunj Knowledge platform. 

Rakesh Shringi

Rakesh is an Engineer from NIT Calicut and works in the IT Industry, based out of the USA. He is a consummate professional and a Techie with hands-on expertise in various technologies and software fields. He has dedicatedly worked to shape the tech backbone of BharatPunj Platform and working on enhancing it further. 

He is highly knowledgeable about Indian heritage, being an avid researcher himself. He writes on many subjects of Indian history and Heritage, with a focus on Personalities, as well as the Vedic scriptures. He is a key driver, technical expert as well as a key functionary of the BharatPunj Platform. 

Babu R

Babu is an Engineer from NIT Calicut with a management diploma. He has been a Senior management professional in the Manufacturing industry spanning heavy engineering, automotive, commercial vehicles and railway sectors in India. He is a keen problem solver, innovator, and Entrepreneur. 

An avid researcher and connector of the dots, he is trying to delve into the essence of Indic knowledge systems and bring its everlasting values to the world. He is an active facilitator and contributor to the BharatPunj platform.

Dr. Shilpi Bajpai

Shilpi is an architectural engineer from NIT Calicut with a Ph.D. from Deakin University, Melbourne. She works as a lecturer in architecture and town planning as well as a researcher in the field of multiculturalism & planning. Shilpi readily participates in promoting Indian cultural beliefs and traditions in a multicultural society like Australia and has campaigned and contributed to various government-initiated projects relating to Indian diaspora in Melbourne. She believes in promoting and showcasing the diversity inherent in Indian culture to the wider community in Australia. Shilpi finds Bharat Punj an effective tool and a significant platform for building and nurturing cultural knowledge and connections with future generations. She is passionate about contributing to this worthy cause. 

To Change, we must be the Change and instil this spirit in our Youth, to be the torch-bearers of our future. Citing a profound quote from our most revered Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam: Where there is righteousness in the heart, there is harmony in the house; when there is harmony in the house, there is order in the nation; when there is an order in the nation, there is peace in the world.