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Bharat, as we geographically see today, is a smaller part of its glorious past. It has a rich cultural heritage and the oldest surviving belief system ‘Sanatan Dharma’.  

Many western historians have habitually post-dated Bharat’s history. For example, Max Muller, who was a great Sanskrit scholar of his time, had dated Vedas 1500 BCE but many recent discoveries trace their back to at least around 5000 BCE.

Bharat has impressive historical accomplishments in the areas of Mathematics, Astronomy, Knowledge and Education, linguistics, Architecture, Arts, Medicine and Philosophy etc.

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In the context of history, the piece of land surrounded by the Himalayas, the Hindukush mountain ranges and the sea can be called Bharat. As evident from history, she also has various names such as India, Bharat Varsha and Aryavart etc.

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